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Stem Cell Patch Results

11 yrs. ago I had a liver cancer scare! Somehow, I got past this via alternative wellness methods. 2 yrs. ago my symptoms started to return, so I amplified what had been working: the best food concentrate nutrition, CBD, chiropractic, acupuncture, light therapy, etc.! 

They hardly made a dent – except in my bank account!

Then I got lucky. A friend called me about the stem cell patch! It is now 16 months later, those dreadful symptoms are gone, and all things considered, I am enjoying the best health of my life! Best of all, I have fighting chance for enduring wellness! 

Dan Douroux - 72

Retired Attorney, Longevity Enthusiast

and member of the TLC Team

I've been a self-health and healthy aging consultant for a couple decades, and recommend telomere and optimized nutritional support to everyone. However, I've noticed during the past year a few nagging aches and pains, slower wound healing, post-menopause hormone issues, and visual signs of aging such as sagging skin around the jawline and neck that all the nutrition, supplementation and skincare routines in my arsenal were not solving. 

When I saw this unique form of lightwave therapy, I was excited to try the skincare line and a variety of the patches. In just 3 months, I have experienced dramatic improvements in my hormone related issues, pain from an ankle injury is gone, and my skin is glowing and tightening. In fact, the area of most concern around the mouth and jawline are noticeably better, as is my rosacea.

I knew I already had tools to slow aging, but now I feel I also have the tools to reverse it. The other day someone guessed my age to be 40. I love having this life-changing patch technology to help people who want to age better.

g magcosta - 57

Healthy Aging Consultant and

member of the TLC Team

I've had nagging back pains from mild scoliosis for 2 years, after using the patch for just two days, the pain is going away! Thank you, I'm so happy to find fast relief when nothing else worked.

Nikki P. - 28


I'm 54 years old and suffering from lower back pain for a long time which lying on my back causes me discomfort. Difficulty standing up straight, walking, or going from standing to sitting. Massage and stretching doesn't work anymore. Someone recommended me to try the Stem Cell patches. And wow, did not feel this comfortable again since I used the patches. In just few hours of using the patch, I feel comfortable and I don't feel the pain anymore. Thank you for the patches and I will need this from now on. I can sleep now deeper and longer.

Effren - 54

department administrator

I have liver cirrhosis so I'm suffering from abdominal pain and muscle cramps. On the first day of using the patch, I placed it on my lower abdomen and after 6 hours, the pain from my abdomen going away. I also feel leg cramps and after 2 hours of using the patch, the pain also gone. The second day of using the patch, I didn't feel the leg cramps and I feel less tired and less fatigued. Since I've used the patch. I've never experience cramps with so much pain like before..Thanks to patches I feel much better now.

Annie - 53


I'm almost finished watching that you tube video. I found it fascinating. I think I'm going to order more products and my husband wants his own patches to try daily for a month, so going to order those ...Thanks.

Nina H. - 62

massage therapist

Thanks Dan! The patch works! A week ago I stubbed my toe so bad that a third of my foot was purple. Yesterday I put the patch on and it felt like ants were crawling on my toes, but this morning my foot is 95% healed!

Deborah H. - 60

childrens clothing designer

My MD says my emphysema is down to a trace (after 90 days of use).

Dave T. - 75

vegan chef

Only 2 days using the patches and I look 5 years younger!! Thank you, I'm so happy!! Awesome, I'm shining like a sunflower.

Silvia P. - 50

colon therapist

It is actually going very well, I'm enjoying tremendously the patches and so are my friends I have more energy and they are sleeping better. 

Thank you so much! I love the patches they give me so much energy.

Vicky K. - 50

health enthusiast

It definitely works! I put the patch on different pain points today and it works. Also my skin I can see a big improvement and I'm not really using any prescription creams and minimal moisturizers. I see how the pain goes down when you target it. 

Eric S. - 50

marketing executive

He wore a patch for 3 days in a row took a break today ... he says he likes them .

Mo L. - 50


I put it (the patch) on the back of my neck about 8:30 last night and this morning half my discomfort in my shoulder is gone. This is excellent! I have two people who are interested. I'm gonna give them a patch! 

Greg T. - 46

senior care provider

I have used 3 patches this week. I feel he integrity of my body returning!

Jeannie H. - 55


I am doing the timing right and putting the patch on every day. It is helping me sustain better without going under fatigue wise.

Edna G. - 80

christian author

I'm doing great. Yesterday was the first day I could be praying on knees for an hour since last June 8th. Thank you Daniel! You are a blessing to me. You came back in my life when I needed you. The Lord healed me all Glory and honor to him. But he used you and three patches. Blessings.

Grace E - 50

elder care provider

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